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Project: Stunned

Free Falling into the Depths of the Enterprising Soul

Stunned is about:


  • Realizing Dreams

  • Taking Risks

  • Seeking Adventures

  • Balancing Life

  • Meeting challenges




I travel to collect, connect and share

Profound entrepreneurial stories

Originality is my signature

Adventure is my drive

I just love adventureous and cinematographic storytelling! And when I have the opportunity to enhance those stories with stunning design and photography, I am at my best. This is what truly makes my heart tick. And therefor I decided to develop a book that hopefully will make your heart beat faster as well! My goal is to inspire and fuel entrepreneurs and enterprising individuals through these amazing stories and images.


Stunned is characterized by Intertwining Build Up and Unexpected Approaches. Each person featured in the book is challenged to step out of his or her comfortzone and discover parts of themselves that are hidden or forgotten through the years. All their stories or lives are somehow already connected and if not, I'll connect them by making them part of each other story.



Of each story we make a short behind the scenes video. Watch two of them below!



I travel to collect, connect and share Profound enterprising stories. Originality is my signature. Adventure is my drive





Angelique van Gils
goes Harley Davidson

Behind the scenes photoshoot. On the road with Angelique van Gils.

Ronald Ligtenberg's
blind date

Behind the scenes photoshoot. One of the 3 suprising moments Ronald lived to 'not' see during his Stunned midweek.

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